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Has a board spectrum of experience in beauty, promotional marketing and sales.

With Close to 10 years in the industry, she wanted a turn in her career for something bigger and greater and in her realm of work, with going on almost a year in the radio industry, she has taken the opportunity to platform herself and advance her career to the masses and further entertain through her bubbly personality and wit. Her style of relating to the crowd and her humble personality as expressed throughout the show and segment, “Gril talk with Crist V.”

An example to the youth of setting your mind towards your passion, achieving what your heart desires and never giving up.

As a young, small town girl, she has been able to advance herself in the industry.

Cris V. Is currently Co-Host on the Ultra Pijama Morning Show on Ultra 104.9 which focuses on the best of 80’s 90’s and today’s hits.

Cris V. believes in being genuine to herself and expressing her funny personality to entertain the audience which plays an important role in Co-Hosting, “It’s extremely rewarding to listen to people feel excited about things I teach them through my tips every day, sometimes even changing their lives.”



Génesis 98.1 FM

Cris V

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